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About Community Led Education


The Community Led Education programme is based on the aspirations and skills that people are willing and able to share with each other in the Whakatane community. Pou Whakaaro believes that Community Led Education is an excellent vehicle for sharing skills, knowledge and experiences which strengthen and enrich our communities. Classes are run by local people and are open to all members of our community. They vary in frequency and duration; some workshops and presentations run as individual events, other courses run for most of a term.  


This programme has been developed after a three year gap in the delivery of 'coordinated' community education for the Whakatane community. In March of 2013, we put out a call asking for ideas, inspirations and offers of support to run courses that could be developed and nurtured into a new Community Education Programme. We were overwhelmed by the response from our community. This programme is testament to the energy and desire of us all to keep learning and sharing the skills and knowledge we hold. Without some of the 'old guidelines' we also find ourselves able to offer access to learning more freely and without bias to age or ability. Many courses are now open to secondary students and learners who wish to learn because they love learning and value the opportunity. There is also the option of payment with TimeBank credits, please contact us for more information about this or check out the Eastbay TimeBank page. 

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How do I find out about courses?

Each term we publish the course information here on our website. Many courses offer online registration and they all have an 'invite' button so you can share the page with friends or family who may be interested in the course. We also publish the information about the classes such as description, tutor details, cost and location in a termly brochure that can be found at a number of local businesses and organisations including Pou Whakaaro, The Whakatane Beacon, Radio 1XX, Whakatane Library & Exhibition Centre, Kawerau Library, Whakatane Information Centre, Jewels by Jodie, L'Epicerie, Chez Louis and Whakatane Citizens Advice Bureau. Many thanks to them all for their continued support.

We send out a regular email newsletter to keep tutors, learners and supporters up to date with our news. Please feel welcome to subscribe via our website. We also use Pou Whakaaro's facebook page to advertise the new programme as well as some of the courses just before they start. We would be pleased if you 'like' our page to keep in touch with what's happening. 

For more information you can contact Andi the Community Led Education Co-ordinator at the Whakatane office on 07 308 8170.
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Our Supporters

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General Rules

Inclusive Learning Environments: Pou Whakaaro strives to ensure that learning is open and available to all members of our community and will attempt to provide assistance to those learners that require additional support. With this in mind, please be aware that the pace of class teaching and learning will depend on the needs and aspirations of all students.

Acceptance and Payment of Fees: Please consider that your enrolment is confirmed once you have returned a completed enrolment form and payment to us or direct to the tutor (where this is advised in any advertising) Fees are generally charged on a whole course basis and no refunds or discounts will be made where the student is unable to attend.

Cancelled Classes and Refunds: If there are insufficient enrolments, courses may be cancelled and we will attempt to inform you as early as possible. Full refunds will be made to students as soon as possible. NO refund will be made if you decide to withdraw from a class once it has started.

Compliments and Complaints: In the first instance, please speak directly to your tutor, or if you require contact the Community Education Coordinator in writing or by phone on 07 308 8170

Behaviour: I agree to treat the venue, equipment, tutor/s and other students with respect at all times. I understand that I may be asked to leave a course and forfeit fees if I act disrespectfully.

Please return this enrolment in person or by post to:

Community Education
Pou Whakaaro
40 Te Tahi Street
PO Box 2025 Whakatane