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Eastbay TimeBank

"We have what we need, if we use what we have" Edgar S. Cahn, Founder of TimeBanking

What is TimeBank?

TimeBanking is alternative trading system based on the concept of sharing skills and time between it's members. It works to create and promote well-being, and help communities flourish and thrive.  It enables you to give and receive help in your community by earning credits that you can then use. There are a number of TimeBank groups in the US, and more are springing up around New Zealand. Our group works within the Eastern Bay of Plenty. 10404012 10152611687727323 762306139362937769 o

How does it work?

Eastbay TimeBank aims to build trust and support within our local community through mutual exchange. You can earn time credits by doing work for another TimeBank member, and then use those credits by getting any TimeBank member to do work for you. 1 hour = 1 credit. Everyone's time is considered of equal value. Members share a wide range of work, skills, support, help and activities.  

TimeBank operates a website where members can login and check their credit balance and advertise for help that they need, and what help they are able to offer. The Eastbay TimeBank facebook page is also a good place to catch up with what's happening within the TimeBank community. If you don't have access to the internet on a regular basis talk to Cherie about how we can support you to make the most of TimeBanking.

Eastbay TimeBank provides opportunities for members to get together at regular social events. In the past we've enjoyed celebrating events such as Neighbours Day, and we hold a regular gardening group which usually rounds off with a shared lunch. 

TimeBank Tuesday takes place most Tuesdays from 10am until 11am at Pou Whakaaro, 40 Te Tahi Street. It's an opportunity to share ideas and meet new people over a cuppa and a biscuit. TimeBank members, and anyone interesting in joining, are welcome to come along. We know that not everyone can attend day time events though, so we held an after work get together in April. We met at The Office Bar and Grill on The Strand, Whakatane and enjoyed a get together in a relaxed atmosphere. We'll soon be planning another one, so watch this space!

We've also had two markets which were a great opportunity for members to get together, share their crafts or skills and have some fun. We were able to share with members of the public who wanted to find out more about timebanking too. Here's a short video of our Summer Market.

Who can join Eastbay TimeBank?

Individuals and community organisations in the Eastern Bay of Plenty can sign up and use Eastbay TimeBank. It's free to join, you just need to fill in a couple of forms and we'll organise a police reference check and give you a login that you use to access the website. 

Want to know more?

You can contact Cherie Conrad, Co-ordinator on 07 3088170 or email Eastbay Timebank. You can also come along to TimeBank Tuesday, or check out Eastbay TimeBank's facebook page

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