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Whakatane Learning Opportunities 

Term 4, October, November, December 2018

Please contact our Whakatane Office for more information or to enrol in this programme. 

Our day starts at 9am and ends at 3pm. We ask that everyone arrives no earlier than 8.45 am and leaves no later than 3.15pm.
If you come for the day, you will need to bring your own lunch, we provide tea and coffee.
The privacy and confidentiality of people who use our service is respected at all times. 
Transport may be available for people with mobility issues.

Wellness Activities

Badminton - Tuesday 9.30am - 11.30am
If you want to get back into badminton, we have someone you can buddy up with. $4.00 per session and the opportunity to join the local club. This is a self directed group.

Tennis- Friday 1pm - 3pm
Come join in on some fun filled tennis, rackets and balls provide. Bring a drink and closed shoes.

Community walk - Monday 9am - 12pm
Come and join us on a community walk and cuppa. Get to know new people with our support. 

Zumba- Wendesday 1.30pm - 2.30pm
1 hour. All levels. 

Men's Group - Fortnightly on Friday's 1pm - 3pm.
An opportunity to make friends in a variety of settings, supoorting each other while enjoying activities. All Sessions under $5.

Contact James at Pou Whakaaro for Recovery Phone: 3088170

Smoking Cessation - Monday 9am - 12pm.

Have one on one support from a qualified coach.

Creative Arts

Te Ara Toi - Monday's 9am - 12pm - Upcycling Furniture and Tuesday's 9am - 12pm - Painting, printing, drawing
Art classes for people with a variety of skill levels. With an opportunity to sell your work through our cafe/gallery. Open to the community for a small charge to cover resources. 

Open to the community for a small charge to cover resources.

Upcycled Craft Workshop - Tuesday's 1pm - 3pm
Get your creative juices flowing with the opportunity to sell in our cafe/gallery. Mosiacs, painted stones/bottles, wind chimes/dream catchers.

The Clothing Room -Thursday's 10am - 2pm
An opportunity to learn retail skills while selling to the community.

Social Networks

Fun together - Once a month, after hours. 
Food/movies/hot pools

Market once a month at Pou Whakaaro House. 

Asperger Social Group
We are looking for interest.

Please contact Jan on 308 8170 Ext. 213


Volunteer Work 
Working alongside various community groups with support.

TimeBank / Harbourside Care - Wednesday 1pm - 3pm
A group of people helping out those in need within our community/cleaning up our beaches. TimeBank members will earn personal time credits if a job is done through TimeBank (open to the community). 


Frozen Meals/Budget Cooking - Friday 9am - 12pm. 
Learn cooking skills while preparing meals for the Timebank freezer and for yourselves. 


Micro Business - Leadership - Monday 9.30am - 12pm. 
Microbusiness continues this term with a focus on developing your leadership skills.

Microbusiness - Product Development - Tuesday and Wednesday
Call Mei on 07 308 8170 Ext 205 to make an appointment.


Retail Certificate L2 (NCEA) - Thursday 9am - 3pm (Full)
Study one full day a week through service IQ to achieve this qualification over 9-12 months.

Available 2019

NZ Certificate in Health and Wellbeing L2
NZ Certificate in Cleaning L2

Contact Jan on 308 8170 Ext. 213


Sustainable Gardening - Tuesday and Thursday
Want to renew your passion in gardening? Share your talents and learn new skills towards future opportunities in marketing your own produce. Transport is supplied to the sustainable gardening project in Edgecumbe. Start your new venture now. Call Shellie on
07 3088170 ext. 213.

Life Skills

Independent Living 
All aspects of learning to cope independently including:

Self awareness: e.g.

  • Learning and practicing social skills
  • Looking at strengths, beliefs, and emotions
  • Attitude and responses
    Monday 1pm - 3pm

Personal planning / know your community: e.g.

  • Making decisions
  • Learning to prioriti
    Wednesday 9am - 12pm

 Criteria for all our services is: people with a disability or experience of mental illness who are 16-65 years old, New Zealand or permanent resident. 

“we work to facilitate support for people to achieve their individual plans and goals.”


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General Rules

Inclusive Learning Environments: Pou Whakaaro strives to ensure that learning is open and available to all members of our community and will attempt to provide assistance to those learners that require additional support. With this in mind, please be aware that the pace of class teaching and learning will depend on the needs and aspirations of all students.

Acceptance and Payment of Fees: Please consider that your enrolment is confirmed once you have returned a completed enrolment form and payment to us or direct to the tutor (where this is advised in any advertising) Fees are generally charged on a whole course basis and no refunds or discounts will be made where the student is unable to attend.

Cancelled Classes and Refunds: If there are insufficient enrolments, courses may be cancelled and we will attempt to inform you as early as possible. Full refunds will be made to students as soon as possible. NO refund will be made if you decide to withdraw from a class once it has started.

Compliments and Complaints: In the first instance, please speak directly to your tutor, or if you require contact the Community Education Coordinator in writing or by phone on 07 308 8170

Behaviour: I agree to treat the venue, equipment, tutor/s and other students with respect at all times. I understand that I may be asked to leave a course and forfeit fees if I act disrespectfully.

Please return this enrolment in person or by post to:

Community Education
Pou Whakaaro
40 Te Tahi Street
PO Box 2025 Whakatane